SLJ: Poetry

Today´s SLJ activities was about Snowball poem. A Snowball poem is a type of poem with either 1 word or 1 letter longer than the last line. This is my poem on Summer.



Love Summer

Because the warm

Days are perfect weather

Where I get to feed

My pet chickens and my ducklings

As well as eating some in the

Form of soup with rice and Chinese cabbage.

6 thoughts on “SLJ: Poetry

  1. Hi Isa,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey. It’s awesome to see that you are getting into the activities for the summer. You have made a great start with this snowball poem. I too am looking forward to lots more sunny weather! I would love to have pet chickens, do they live in your garden? Is the soup that you mentioned a traditional meal that your family like to cook? It sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing Isa.

    1. Hi Emma
      Chicken soup is quite universal, not exactly traditional. However, silkie chicken are traditionally favoured where my parents came from. Home raised chicken do taste better.
      From Isa

      1. Hi Isa,

        Yes I have heard of chicken soup before, I suppose everyone makes it slightly differently. What makes Silkie chickens more favourable?

        Emma – SLJ

        1. Hi Emma,
          Our Silkies are home raised, free range, fat free, black skin, black meat and makes scrumptious soup.
          From Isa

  2. Kia Ora Isa, My name is Patrick from St Francis of Assisi Catholic School.

    Wow Isa, I love your poem! You really have followed the rules to a snowball poem. I have never had Chinese cabbage before but it sounds nice. Wow, I see no mistakes in this blog, I think it is good!

    What will you be doing this summer?


    1. Hi Patrick,
      For summer, I will be eating some of my too noisy roosters as well as riding my bike and raising ducklings with the chickens in my backyard.
      From Isa

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