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Information Report – Matariki


Matariki is a cluster of stars that has different names depending on what country.


What is Matariki?

Matariki is a celebration for the Maori New Year. It is a time for you and your whanau to reflect on sad and happy times. It is also a time to look ahead of the future. Matariki usually comes in late May or early June. This year (2022), Matariki is confirmed as a public holiday in New Zealand.


The 9 Stars

Like what I wrote for the Introduction, Matariki is a cluster of stars; About that, Matariki´s cluster of stars only has nine. Some people might believe it has seven. I believe there are nine. Here are the nine stars:

  1. Matariki
  2. Ururangi
  3. Waiti
  4. Waita
  5. Waipunarangi
  6. Tupu-a-nuku
  7. Tupu-a-rangi
  8. Pohutukawa
  9. Hiwa-i-te-rangi

When they are told as seven, Pohutukawa and Hiwa-i-te-rangi are gone.


How we can Celebrate Matariki

As because it is the Maori New Year, it is a celebration for the Maori people. We can celebrate Matariki by…

  1. Having fun with kites in the air.
  2. Having a party/gathering.
  3. Having Matariki Storytimes.
  4. Or having kai with your whanau


Matariki is a time to reflect on sad and happy times. It is also a time to look ahead of the future. I feel lucky and proud about Matariki. How do you feel about Matariki?

How can I improve my writing?

Cinquain Poems

We are learning to write cinquain poems. In one cinquin poem, there are different amount of syllables. The first line as 2 syllables, 2nd has 4, 3rd has 6, 4th has 8, and finally the 5th line has 2. Each cinquain poem must has 5 line. and the exact same amount of syllables. Here are my cinquain poems.

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