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SLJ: Poetry

Today´s SLJ activities was about Snowball poem. A Snowball poem is a type of poem with either 1 word or 1 letter longer than the last line. This is my poem on Summer.



Love Summer

Because the warm

Days are perfect weather

Where I get to feed

My pet chickens and my ducklings

As well as eating some in the

Form of soup with rice and Chinese cabbage.

Season Diamante Poem

Today for poetry, we made diamante poem on seasons. The purpose of it was to write to things opposite each other. I had thought of spring and summer but decided to do it on spring and autumn. Here is my diamante poem.


Warm, Bright

Sprouting, Growing, Rooting

Flowers, T-Shirt, Leaves, Long Sleeves

Annoying, Falling, Baring

Cold, Dark


What is your favourite season?

Cinquain Poems

We are learning to write cinquain poems. In one cinquin poem, there are different amount of syllables. The first line as 2 syllables, 2nd has 4, 3rd has 6, 4th has 8, and finally the 5th line has 2. Each cinquain poem must has 5 line. and the exact same amount of syllables. Here are my cinquain poems.