Ballad of the Ducks

This week, we have been making comics. It started off with 1 boring picture of 2 ducks on separate poles being duplicated and that would interest nobody. Our goal was to make it interesting so people want to read it. I came up with an idea of making a joke out of the duck which I did. I found a joke that I thought was funny and made it mine by editing that joke. The original joke was a duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender ¨Have you got any grapes?¨ The bartender says no and the duck leaves. The same thing happened the next day. On the third day, the duck still asks ¨Have you got any grapes?¨ The bartender got annoyed so he said ¨If you ask me have you got any grapes 1 more time, I’ll nail your feet to the ceiling.¨ The duck leaves and comes back the next day. ¨Have you got any nails?¨ the duck asks. The bartender says no and so the duck asks for grapes again.  I used 2 ducks instead and changed some words like I made the duck go ¨I’ll nail you to that pole.¨ This is my twisted joke.

Did you get it?

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