School Fun Run

Yesterday, we did the School Fun Run where we had different rotations ending with a Colour Run.  My class and Room 2 started with the Gauntlet Run. You had to run along and do activities like throwing bean bags into the box and dodging balls the parents were throwing. I got 4 ticks on that activity. Next was the Obstacle Course. In the Obstacle Course, you needed to go under the net, over the hay bales, over the hurdles, over another lot of hay bales, over the couchiney thing, over the line between the cones and over the tree stumps. My teacher gave me 5 ticks for that. Third was the Cross Country Run where you had to run three times. That was my favourite. I almost came first but still ended in coming second. Last out of the rotations was the Treasure Hunt. You had to find the hidden balls. I didn’t like it because I only found one. Last of all was the Colour Run. I couldn’t participate the Colour Run for I had Contact Lenses as well as I also had swimming after. If I went in the Colour Run and did swimming, there would be Code Rainbow instead of Code Brown or Code Green. I saw others rubbing eyes and spitting chalk powder while I myself stayed clean. These are some of the pictures of the activities.

What thing do you like?

One thought on “School Fun Run

  1. Sawubona, Isa!
    How are you?
    I really like how you added more than average images.
    What was your favourite part?
    Why could you not do the color run?

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