Tinker Club – Making a Matariki Quiz

Yesterday at New Brighton Library, they have a club I go to called Tinker Club. It is where you can dismantle, rebuild, create and experiment things. So as for yesterday, we made quizzes where you have to match one thing to the other side. I made a Matariki quiz because Matariki is coming up so I can bring it to school for others to learn about. Another reason I chose Matariki was because nobody choose to do Matariki. While making the Matariki quiz, I used the soldering iron, wires, scissors, wire stripper, metal split pin paper fasteners, masking tape, boxes, LED lights, resister, the quiz (printed and laminated) and battery. The light will glow green if you get the answer correct but will not glow if you got the matching wrong. This is what I made at New Brighton Library.

Have you ever made one of these before?

One thought on “Tinker Club – Making a Matariki Quiz

  1. Hi isa I love your new game you have build by yourself I think you are so creative,My favourite part is when you can make it green and how you can make the cheat with the wires . bye .

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