SLJ: Escape Room

5 thoughts on “SLJ: Escape Room

  1. Hi Isa,

    It’s Emma here again. I have requested access to your slides so I can see your escape room! If you share it with I will be able to have a look and leave you a comment 🙂

      1. Kia ora Isa
        Thanks for allowing access to your escape room!
        Oh my goodness, what a challenge! My holiday brain was not prepared for that math. Great questions!
        How long did it take you to create and answer the questions? Do you enjoy maths at school?

        Great work on the escape room!

        Look forward to seeing more of your great SLJ activities!

        Ngā mihi

        1. Hi Theresa,
          Thank you for having a go. It took me 1 night and 1 day to create these questions and answers. Yes, I do enjoy maths at school and I really enjoyed tricking people with the questions in the escape room.
          From Isa

          1. Morning Isa
            Wow you really worked hard on this! I’m so glad you enjoy maths! Maths is my absolute favourite, especially word problems. I’m so glad you enjoyed doing this activity.
            Ngā mihi,

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