2023 Arthur’s Pass Camp

SC: Teamwork, be independent, experiencing camp

On Wednesday 22nd of February, the Year 5 went to Arthur‘s Pass for camp. First, we met up with the Year 6 in the dining room. After that, we had our bunk beds and rooms. We got changed and went outside. Everyone except me had to borrow from Alex who works at Arthur‘s Pass.

We walked in the freezing cold rain. I tried to avoid getting wet but everybody just kept splashing in the puddles during the walk on the Devil’s Punchbowl trail. I found the walk challenging at first because my bag was very heavy. I got my mum to carry my bag to make it easy for me.

The trail led us to the waterfall. I found it easy coming back. I was wet but not as wet as others. We all changed back into dry clothes in our bunk rooms and had dinner. I took my contact lenses and said goodbye to everyone.

I went home at bedtime and arrived at home around midnight. I brushed my teeth, had my eye drops and went to sleep. I also had school in the morning since it was only a day trip for me. Here is a photo of when we were listening to Alex in the dining room. The 2nd photo is me in the same photo.


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