Christmas Carols Reading

This week for reading, we have been learning about Christmas Carols. I chose to do tasks on Jingle Bells. This is information about Jingle Bells.

Born in 1822, songwriter James Lord Pierpont composed the music and wrote the lyrics for the holiday standard.

When the holiday ditty was first printed by a Boston music publishing house in 1857, it was released under the title “One Horse Open Sleigh.” When it was reissued two years later, the song had the more familiar title of “Jingle Bells.”

Although “Jingle Bells” is now a Yuletide (christmas) staple, there is no mention of Christmas or any other holiday in the song. Some historical accounts report that the tune was first performed for a Thanksgiving service at the church of either Pierpont’s father or brother, but the lyrics might have been too risqué for an ecclesiastical (church) audience. It was the first song to be broadcasted from space.


One of the tasks are design your own bell. This is my bell.

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