Stewardship is caring for the Earth our homes. Today, we have been learning about how to be stewards of this world. To be stewards of this world, you could do little things to change the way we live by doing different things like

  • Pick up rubbish and put it in the right place
  • Don´t litter
  • Reduce plastic use
  • Plant more trees and plants
  • Reuse more things
  • Think about the future and do the right thing
  • Watch nature more and help the Earth grow rather than playing computer games
  • Don´t hurt trees, plants or anything part of nature
  •  Produce less gas from factories

By the way we´re living right now, the Earth is threatened by us. We can help the Earth be a better place by doing the right thing. This is a video we watched about we can be stewards of the Earth.

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