Duffy Books

This morning, we had a Duffy role model come into our school for a visit. His name was Ray Bishop and he talked about how he loved singing. He sung a song called ‘‘Nothing is Impossible’’ and taught us how he tells children to chase after your dreams. Some of us got to share what our dreams are but most of us didn’t get to share. Ray also told us about how much he loved reading when he was about our age, to be precise, 5. Almost ½ of the school got to perform a haka for Ray. There was also another supporter for our Duffy books called Avonhead Rotary. After all that, we went back to our classrooms and then we got our Duffy books we choose in Term 1. I choose and got 2 books, they were Owl Diaries Nature Club and Geronimo Stilton Mouse vs Wild. This is a picture of Ray talking.

He has lots of albums as he writes a song everyday, have you heard any of his songs before?

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