A Revenge with Toys

During this term, we have to write a story based on a picture our teacher gave us. The picture is of these toys all over the stairwell. I called it ¨A Revenge with Toys.¨ I found it pretty easy to write. This is the story I wrote.


A Revenge with Toys…

Something is afoot. The toys have been gathered and their owners have plans, but are they for good or evil…


Use the narrative plan to help you collect your ideas and then write your story. Remember all those rules we covered during our editing and revision learning.


Genre Purpose Audience



What might you talk about in the… 

Setting In the house of 100 girls,
Problem they always get to be the victims of their cousin Jack
Rising action and they want revenge by pouring toys down the stairwell onto Jack
Climax so when Jack came to the stairwell, he was trapped by the toys
Resolution Jack promised not to hurt the girls ever again


Bronze medal: 3 body paragraphs (not including the introduction and conclusion)

Silver medal: 4 body paragraphs (not including the introduction and conclusion)

Gold medal: 5 body paragraphs (not including the introduction and conclusion)

Platinum medal: 6-9 body paragraphs (not including the introduction and conclusion)

Tungsten medal: 10-13 body paragraphs (not including the introduction and conclusion)

Start your writing here:

Once, there was a house of 100 girls who always got teased by their older cousin, Jack, who goes to the same school. Getting hurt is no fun at all.


So one day, they gathered up to have a meeting. They all wanted this to stop. They chatted all day long, trying to come up with a plan.


They would pretend to have heard nothing when anything mean that would come from the mouth of whom they call an ugly face. Mean words slowly turned to nothing but smoke. Or they would stunt him with a prank.


When the weekend came, Jack was invited to their house again by their parents. When they heard this, they mustered into position.


Jack approached the stairwell with his own plan to hurt the girls but, BOOM, they suddenly poured lots of toys down the stairwell. Their plan had worked! That did the trick.


Nobody was hurt but he was just shocked and surprised. After he recovered from his fright, he ran away, screaming for home.


Jack then built a rocket and launched himself into space. Nobody knew where he had ended, so to be continued or rather the end.



Can you imagine having a stairwell full of toys like that?

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