Winter Sports

During the winter between mid Term 2 and mid Term 3, our school had this program called Winter Sports. In it, we choose a sport for playing on Friday in the afternoon against other schools in the Eastern zone. There are heaps of sports to choose from and we chose at the beginning of Term 1. We are taken to the places where we play our sports by either our school teachers or volunteer parents

I chose to play Table Tennis and I found it fun. My mum as one of the volunteers led us to Grace Vineyard where the competition took place. I played with a buddy as the game for doubles. My buddy and I played against year 7 & 8 teams from different schools since there were no year 7 & 8 in our Table Tennis team. We won most games against the year 7 & 8 teams but we sometimes lost. On the last day of Winter Sports, I got to play a game of singles against a boy from Te Pa school because his partner was absent. I won that game.


I wish to show my appreciation to my mum for taking us there for Winter Sports and for coming in on Wednesday to train us so we can be more prepared for competitions. Thank you, mum, for teaching us Table Tennis.


Do you know how to play Table Tennis?

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