Kei te pehea koe?

Sorry, I didn’t explain this well. This week, we have been learning about te reo Maori, and ‘kei te pehea koe’ is ‘how are you’ in Maori. We have also been working on a slideshow/poster on how to express some feelings in Maori. Before we started, Mr. Gray, our class teacher, set a rule of how many feelings we had to do depending on the number of people in a group. If you were on your own, you had to do five emotions. For 2 people in a group, 8 emotions have to be done, 3 people, 18 emotions, and 4 people, 64 emotions. I did it on my own and did more than required. Since ‘kei te pehea koe’ is a question which means a response expected. The response to this question in Maori for expressing feeling good is ‘kei te pai au/ahau’. Depending what you like, ‘au’ means me and ‘ahau’ means I. Obviously, ‘pai’ means good above. So I end up using ‘kei te (what I’m feeling) au (the pronoun I use)’. This is my slideshow I created using only Google Slides. I created everything on it, and my emojis were from chromebook itself.

Do you know any words, questions or sentences in Maori or any facts about Maori?

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