Fire Torches

A few weeks ago on Monday, the people of Te Ahi Ora Fire and Flow came and taught us tricks on the fire torches as a practice without fire. Then, in the afternoon, they performed to us with a whole lot of tricks with fire on it. On the Monday night, we got to play with real fire ourselves. I touched the fire but it didn’t burn me because the fire is harmless throughout it made my hands very black. They came back the next day for more practice without fire and another performance but we didn’t get the fire again. To me, it was real fun and a bit sad that we could not play with fire again that night.

Have you ever tried playing with fire?

One thought on “Fire Torches

  1. Kia Ora Isa!
    How are you?
    I like the way you used amazingly good grammar.
    This brought me back to when I had the interview on that day but had to miss it. I was super sad.
    How did you not get burned? I assume it is because a liquid nitrogen fire. I am probably wrong.
    I have played with fire once but got a 1st-2nd degree burn.
    What was your favorite part about this?

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