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For the last week during Writing, we have been writing about Character Descriptions. I described my teacher with the ageing filter and myself under the same filter. I used Google Docs to make my story. In my story, it starts off as my old teacher being a librarian who likes Huckleberry Finn and I was a child who does not like Huckleberry Finn. And then he played a prank on me to read Hickleberry Finn. And I stopped all his prank for a while. I named the title Old librarian Mr. Gray. This is my story.


Old librarian Mr. Gray

I walked into the library one day and standing there was an old man. He greeted me in a grandpa voice. He then told me his name, Mr. Gray, his age, 87, and his favourite movie that goes with a book, Huckleberry Finn. To me, he looked like an old great great great great great great great great great great, you know, like a very, really old grandpa, who likes Huckleberry Finn and in my opinion, Huckleberry Finn is a killing movie. I never wanted to watch it and I never did watch it. He told me all about it but inside my head, I was blocking my ears. In other words, ignoring him. When he finished just telling the things about Finn Huckleberry thingy magingy whatsoever, I started listening, thinking he was finished. But I was wrong for he then started again. This time, he told me how much he loved it and how much I should watch it. I disagreed and said goodbye before he could continue being a pain to me as it was boooooooooooring.

On another day I came back again and found a new book laying on the library welcome desk waiting to be borrowed. And so I did. What a huge mistake since it turned out to be the newest edition of Huckleberry Finn. Suddenly, something behind me said ¨Gotcha to read Huckleberry Finn(heehee).¨ I jumped at the first word and I turned around. It was only a prank from Mr. Gray. I told him off for scaring me with a prank but he wasn’t listening. He even looked like he had turned to stone. You wouldn’t even tell whether he was alive or not. ¨Pranks at me again.¨ I said annoyed and frustrated. He still tells jokes these days but I stopped all his pranks. No more pranks!… until I grew up and partnered with him… PRANKS!

Prankster: Mr. Gray                Prankster: Me


Have you made stories using Google Docs before?

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