Amazing Ascension Animation

As for R.E. this week. we have been learning about Jesus´ Ascension into heaven. We watched a video about it. Then our task was to make a comix strip or a animation explaining about the Ascension of Jesus. Most of my class did animation which included me. I made the animation by using both tools on Google slides and images I found on the web. I found it easy making the animation. This is my animation I created.

Can you understand what the animation is showing?

One thought on “Amazing Ascension Animation

  1. Kia ora Isa
    This is a cool animation. It is a good way to tell the story! I like the way you included information about what the activity was. If you are finding the task easy you could draw all the characters yourself because your other posts show you have some google draw skills! Have you been showing off your awesome blog at home?
    Keep up the good work!
    Matua Nick

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