Creative Kiwiana Art

WALT: know how people respond in art.

This week, we have been learning about Kiwiana Art. Kiwiana is things that relate to New Zealand like the kiwi bird and the pukeko. What we had to do was to pick four Kiwiana things then trace it. I chose a kiwi bird, ice cream, rugby ball and a pukeko. I found those images on the internet by going onto Google Drawings and inserting onto the Google Drawings. Then I used the tools called Curve, Polyline, Zoom and Shapes. The Curve and Polyline to make most of the parts, Zoom to get the fine detail and Shapes to have the circle for the eyes. I enjoyed this task because I found it easy. This is what I created.

I also turned the kiwi bird, ice cream and the pukeko in stickers using the sticker machine at Turanga Library in City Center. This is how it came out.

What other Kiwiana icons do you know?

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