SLJ: Pursuit Square

I have done this before but by hand instead of using Google Drawings. Pursuit Square is also know as Pursuit Curve. I started off with a square then I duplicated and and moved the square 10% of the distance towards their nearest anticlockwise neighbour at each step, then the first dots I draw will be 16mm from each of the corners.

Have you drawn a Pursuit Square by hand or online before?

2 thoughts on “SLJ: Pursuit Square

  1. Kia ora Isa,

    It’s Simon here from the Summer Learning Journey team. It’s so good to see another of your posts. These pursuit squares look fantastic. It’s amazing how you can create a curved effect using just straight lines. Thanks for sharing some instructions for others to create their own pursuit squares. The two pursuit squares you have coloured in look fantastic. The black & white one is pretty mesmerising! Haha.

    I have drawn pursuit squares before and have used a lot of geometric shapes to create similar curved effects. It’s a lot of fun. Have you tried this before?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  2. Kia ora Isa,

    REALLY love how you did your pursuit squares. This must have taken you a lot of time. Also I like how you did a RAINBOW-PURSUIT square because I also did a RAINBOW-PURSUIT square too!!

    -Leata RM8

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