SLJ: Snow Globe

I wanted to try the ¨let it snow!¨ activity 2: step it up. It was about coding a snow globe in Scratch. One interesting fact is that the first snow globe was made from an electric lightbulb.

One thought on “SLJ: Snow Globe

  1. Kia ora Isa,

    It’s Charlotte here, a blog commenter for Manaiakalani. Wow – you have done an excellent job on this task!

    I thought it was awesome how it was actually snowing inside your snowglobe! How did you do this? Do you have any tips and tricks on how to make this activity easier for your readers?

    Well done on including a fun fact in your blog post, I never knew that snowglobes were originally lightbulbs so thank you for teaching me something new today!

    Have you ever been to the snow before? What was it like? I once went to America and experienced snow on Christmas day – it was awesome!

    Ngā Mihi Nui
    Charlotte Visser
    Summer Learning Journey

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